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Spaghetti Tour

5 days
from 840 euros
→ June-Sep
Difficulty ●●●○

Unique, immense and amazing. A circular tour that crosses Monte Rosa and which allows you to connect up to twelve peaks of over four thousand meters in five days. From the foot of the Matterhorn to the highest refuge in the Alps, an adventure at altitude to the nth degree, among immense glaciers, sharp ridges and an infinite maze of peaks. If the high mountains are your passion, this is a trip that cannot be missed. Upon request, the possibility of carrying out the same tour in a partial way, with dedicated times, program and costs.

Program: G0 - Meeting with the Guide the previous afternoon and transfer to Zermatt, food and accommodation in the village. G1 – Zermatt, Piccolo Cervino 3883m by cable car, Breithorn 4165m + 4160m + 4141m, Guide Val d'Ayas refuge 3420m. G2 – Polluce 4092m + Castore 4223m, Rifugio Quintino Sella 3585m. G3 - Naso del Lyskamm, Piramide Vincent 4215m, Rifugio Gnifetti 3647m. G4 – Balmenhorm 4167m + Corno Nero 4321m + Ludwigshohe 4342m + Punta Parrot 4434m + Punta Gnifetti 4553m, Capanna Margherita refuge 4553m (the highest in the Alps and in Europe). G5 – Zumstein 4564 m, Rotenboden 2815m, return by train to Zermatt. NB: the program may vary based on weather conditions, level of physical fitness and ability of the participants, unpredictable events upstream and/or the advice of your guide.

The fee includes: UIAGM mountain guide service, logistical organisation, insurance, technical material, souvenir photo. Not included: shelters, transfers and ski lifts for oneself and the guide to be divided among the participants.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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