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Carè Alto 3463m

1+ days
from 250 euros
→ June-Sep
Difficulty ●●●○

According to many, the most beautiful peak in Trentino, in terms of aesthetics and mountaineering spirit. An imposing mass that governs the entire amphitheater of the Lares glacier. A peak that stands out and is noticed from everywhere - you can already see it from the valley floor - as if it wanted to make things clear straight away and remind everyone who's in charge up there. Four different ridges outline its shape and dictate the respective ascent lines, each so beautiful as to make the choice complex. The best thing? Put your hand on each of them.

The #4 ridges: Via Normale II/PD, Cresta Cerana III/AD, Cresta degli Alpini III/AD, Cresta Sud-Est V/D+.

Program: G1 – Meeting, dinner and overnight stay at the Carè Alto refuge. G2 - Climb to the summit and return to the valley.

The fee includes: UIAGM mountain guide service, logistical organisation, insurance, technical material, souvenir photo. Not included: shelters, transfers and ski lifts for oneself and the guide to be divided among the participants.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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