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Skimo 4000ers

2+ days
from 250 euros
→ Mar-May
Difficulty ●●●○

The Alps are a heritage admired and known throughout the world. When the altitude of these great mountains exceeds the magical threshold of four thousand metres, interest becomes contagious, an irresistible force that transforms into pure passion. With spring upon us, many of these 82/4000+ also become accessible on skis, offering experiences that fill the heart and soul, emotional journeys destined to leave indelible memories. Wide choice from one end to the other of the entire Alpine arc, Gran Paradiso and Barre des Ecrins to the west, passing through Mont Blanc, Monte Rosa, Gran Combin and Aletschhorn up to Pizzo Bernina, the easternmost of the Alps.

Program: to be agreed based on the tour requested. Location: entire Alpine range. Duration: 2 or more days. Required Skills: BSA/OSA based on tour required.

The fee includes: logistical organization and refuge booking, UIAGM mountain guide service, third party insurance, souvenir photo. Not included: shelters, transfers and ski lifts for oneself and the guide to be divided among the participants.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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