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Ortles 3905m

2 days
from 290 euros
→ June-Sep
Difficulty ●●●○

If not for a few metres, it would keep Piz Bernina company on the list of the #four thousand in the Eastern Alps. With its 3905m it is the highest mountain in Trentino Alto Adige, a destination which due to its technical and physical commitment is certainly a great way to test yourself and potentially tackle other great climbs in the Alps, such as Mont Blanc and the Matterhorn. Legend has it that the mountain is actually a crouching and petrified giant between the towns of Solda and Trafoi, undoubtedly the desire to preserve emotions and suggestions intact for every new mountaineer who climbs it. How not to be next?

NORMAL ROUTE – An extremely varied mountaineering climb, with sections of easy climbing, steep equipped walls and progression on a glacier, with some technical sections on snow and ice. HINTERGRAT RIDGE – A long ride along the edge of the ridge with plaisir climbing, never extreme, never banal, a grandiose environment in the high mountains with a return to the normal route, an equally fun and varied line.

Program: VIA NORMALE, G1 – Solda 1860m, Rifugio Payer 3029m (meeting with the guide at the refuge). G2 – Ortles 3905m and return to the valley via the same route. HINTERGRAT RIDGE, G1 – Solda 1860m, Langensteinhütte 2330m by chair lift, Rifugio Coston 2661m. G2 – Ortles 3905, return to the valley via the normal route. NB: the program may vary based on weather conditions, level of physical fitness and ability of the participants, unpredictable events upstream and/or the advice of your guide.

The fee includes: UIAGM mountain guide service, logistical organisation, insurance, technical material, souvenir photos. Not included: shelters, transfers and ski lifts for oneself and the guide to be divided among the participants.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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