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The logo Mankealpi

The M of Mankealpi is Man (man), a letter of the Rhaetian alphabet. The Rhaetian civilization had as its epicenter present-day Trentino or more generally the whole of Tyrol. The letter M is also Mounts and Mountains. In this rotated position, it draws a precise geographical area, at the center of two linear axes of great importance for the hiker. The Adamello Presanella line to the north-west, with glacial valleys and green grasslands. The Brenta Dolomites and Lake Garda line to the south-east, with splendid rock and running waters. These same waters (Sarca River) originate from the Adamello and flow towards the central point, then head towards the Forra del Limarò in an oblique direction and continue towards Lake Garda.


Man or Mannaz is one of the last Runes of the runic alphabet: it underlines how important it is for the seeker, now at the end of his journey in the world of the Runes, to have created bonds of intimacy and trust with other human beings along the way who share his journey. A fundamental step to achieve a healthy development of conscience, reason and awareness.


Mankealpi is MAN (man) + KE (kinetic energy, energy in movement) + ALPI (universal expression for meaning mountains). However, his reading becomes «ma anche Alpi» (but also Alps).

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