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Ski Lessons in MDC

3+ hours
from 50 euros
→ Nov-Apr
Difficulty ●○○○

How good is skiing? If just the idea of being able to slide down snowy slopes is already fun, it is equally surprising to think how skis are such an extraordinary means of transport. But the real secret lies in the fact that skiing is a continuously evolving sport, an endless game, where the real challenge is with yourself and how far you want to go. Because a few hours of practice are enough to learn to move independently on the first slopes. And with a little reinforcement and training, no terrain becomes distant. But the same goes for those who already know how to ski and want to go further, to increase intensity and speed, draw more defined curves and geometries, attack the snow with a little more edge and fewer smudges. Because skiing is beautiful, but skiing well is even better.

Low Season 1 PAX €50/h | EXTRA PAX +15 €pp.
High Season 1 PAX €55/h | EXTRA PAX +15 €pp.

Low Season 1 PAX €360 | EXTRA PAX +25 €pp.
High Season 1 PAX €400 | EXTRA PAX +25 €pp.

Start of season → 22.12.2023
08.01.2024 → 02.02.2024
04.03.2024 → End of season

23.12.2023 → 07.01.2024
02.03.2024 → 03.03.2024

The minimum booking is three 3 hours. The last hour of class has a sporting duration of 50 minutes. Each lesson takes place with a maximum of four people. Full-day hours: 09:00-16:00.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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