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Steep Skiing

1+ days
from 225 euros
→ Feb-May
Difficulty ●●●●

It is difficult to explain the reasons for some choices, especially when the pros and cons seem decidedly unbalanced in favor of the latter. Steep skiing is a passion with a high emotional impact and a strong residual risk, nevertheless capable of a powerful appeal that is impossible to repress. In all these cases, the only real solution that remains is to prepare as best as possible.

Program: skipped curve, slipping on the maximum slope, secured descent, abandonment stop and with equipment recovery, abseiling, handling with crampons, descent tactics. Required skills: excellent technical level on skis (L6 – black slopes and freeride technique), adequate physical preparation (altitude difference 1500+) and basic mountaineering experience (knots, belays, insurance material and progression).

The fee includes: logistical organization and refuge booking, UIAGM mountain guide service, third party insurance, souvenir photo. Not included: shelters, transfers and ski lifts for oneself and the guide to be divided among the participants.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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