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Magic in the Night

from 65 euros
→ May-Nov
Difficulty ●○○○

MAGIC IN THE NIGHT | Easy hiking

Dads and mums, if you want to amaze your children, this is truly an experience worth trying. But expect to be amazed yourself, because nature - we know it well - is capable of working magic. No one is immune to it, least of all adults. From this perspective, also a special occasion to share an alternative evening with friends, in the "aperitif at altitude" version. Because Nature is inspiration, it is well-being and sharing, it is dialogue and discovery. A breathtaking view. Cows grazing. A splendid cabin, one of those that can only be imagined or told about in fairy tales. The warmth of the night, with the darkness that slowly envelops, another epic day has come to an end. A menu, destined to satiate hearts and fill eyes, with indelible images.

Location: Madonna di Campiglio and Valli Giudicarie. Hours: 6pm-10pm.

The fee includes: UIAGM mountain guide service, professional insurance, souvenir photo. Not included: transfers.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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