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9 days
from 1100 euros
→ June-Sep
Difficulty ●●●○

One of the most beautiful routes in the world, as well as the most difficult route in Europe. This is the identity card of the GR20, beautiful and difficult, the result of that contrast that opposes a mountaineering environment to a Mediterranean island. A long-distance hyper-technical trail, with aided sections that are never real via ferratas, and rock walls that are never real climbing, but constantly require the use of the hands (scrambling). A route that is as essential and natural as possible, characteristics that make it wild and genuine, in perfect symbiosis with the immaculate Corsican environment. Refuge and Bergerie are also aligned with the same philosophy, with an essential service between beds and refreshments. Called in the local language by the name Fra li Monti, the GR20 crosses the island from north-west to south-east and is divided into two large portions, the Northern part, decidedly more demanding and technical, with exposure and a lot of scrambling, the the southern part is more docile, with limited height differences and hiking terrain.

The itinerary proposed here is a GR20 North which follows the original version, but remodeled in an even more engaging way, with some extra unmissable variations - such as the Cirque de la Solitude and Monte Cinto 2706m, the highest peak on the island - concentrated in the same number of days, for the desire and pleasure of not having to give up a single millimeter of wild nature and living an adventure destined to last over time.

Program: G1 – Meeting in the afternoon in Calenzana 275m. G2 – Refuge de l'Ortu di U Piobbo 1520m (11km 1450D+ 250D-). G3 – Refuge de Carrozzo 1270m (8km 720D+ 950D-). G4 – Circque de la Solitude, Refuge Tighiettu 1683m (10km 1655D+ 1216D-). G5 – Refuge Ciuttulu di i Mori 1991m (7km 700D+ 340D-). Possibility to also climb Monte Cinto 2706m, in the «fast & light» version (option of your choice, total effort: 16km 1700D+ 1340D-). G6 – Bergerie de Vaccaghja 1621m (24km 920D+ 1300D-). G7 – Refuge de l’Onda 1430m (17km 1289D+ 1454D-). G8 – Vizzavone 920m (11km 700D+ 1200 D-). D9 – Breakfast and return. NB: the program may vary based on weather conditions, level of physical fitness and ability of the participants, unpredictable events upstream and/or the advice of your guide.

The fee includes: UIAGM mountain guide service, logistical organisation, professional insurance. The fee does not include: food and accommodation (refuge, bergerie, hotel), food and drinks during the trek, transfers by public and/or private transport, for yourself and the guide to be divided among the participants, anything not otherwise specified.

Contact us for any info, request or personalized program.

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